One of the most interesting growing phenomena on Facebook is that of the free slot machines. An increasing number of people are finding their way to free slots on Facebook purely for the fun of it. This isn’t conventional gambling as we know it on ; it’s all free and for fun, but there are virtual coins involved. And it seems it’s the “money” that is the real key to the different games’ success as punters vie with each other and their Facebook friends in a little friendly competition to see who can put the most coins together.

With this virtual currency, you can invite your friends to play free slots on Facebook. Then, it’s quick and easy to check your progress against your Facebook friends to see who is winning the coin race, using a “friend bar” along the bottom of your own screen. Players can also chat to each other in real time using a full-screen chat function in each free online slot game.

And it’s the social aspect of the free online slots with Facebook that is the key to its success. A growing number of people just love the fun of playing slots on Facebook by themselves or with one another.

The games really are creative and imaginative in making sure they’re simply fun to play. The main player in the free online slots arena seems to be Jackpotjoy, which also has the brand which became particularly well-known for using former “Carry On” films star, and ex landlady of the Queen Vic in Albert Square, Barbara Windsor, to promote its online Bingo games and online slots on Jackpotjoy.

It seems the key to Jackpotjoy’s success in free slots is the site’s ability to make the games fun and exciting. For example, the “Mad Hatter’s tea party” enables players to win coins while they’re playing croquet with the Queen of Hearts, or having endless cups of tea with the Mad Hatter. Alternatively, players can help the gardeners to paint the roses red before the Queen sees the mistake – and all the while you’re building up your virtual money.

One of the site’s most popular free slots is the “Valley of the Kings” which lets players explore ancient Egypt’s legendary treasure trove. This has a real “Raiders of the lost ark” feel about the design and content and wouldn’t look out of place in the casino at The Luxor of Las Vegas.

But these are just two of the 30 or so to choose from. And more and more people are joining the Facebook free slots party!